DVD & Blu-Ray Buying Guides

With this series of lists I'm hoping to eliminate much of the grind-work involved in buying a genre film on either Blu-ray or DVD. I've tried to churn through the various releases, reviews, statistics etc to bring you the best version currently available for each film. Obviously this list is entirely subjective and, as I'm not rich enough to afford multiple releases of each film let alone have the time to watch them all, I've used various comparison and review sites to try and figure out the best release from the information that's out there on t'internet.

Currently the only guide is for the UK Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Video Nasty list; in the future, I hope to add guides for the DPP Section 3 list as well as for specific directors, Fulci and Argento for example.

If I've made any outrageous mistakes I'm sure you'll let me know, and I'll try to update the list with new and better releases when they come along.

Click on the links below:

Buying Guide: The DPP 39

Buying Guide: The DPP 33

Buying Guide: The DPP 33

Buying Guide: Giallo

Buying Guide: Giallo (Part 2)

Check the following sites for more information on releases and cuts.

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