Thursday, 2 October 2014

Berberian Sound Studio (2012)

Wow! What a film!

Toby Jones is a British sound engineer who goes to Italy to work on a film he mistakenly assumes is about horses when in fact it is a rather bloody horror movie. The film follows Jones' gradual mental decline caused by his isolation from everything around him bar the sounds of murder, death and torture that he conjures up from his (really, really cool analogue) recording and foley equipment.

The film is chock full of symbolism, take, for example, the decomposing vegetables reflecting Gilderoy's deteriorating state of mind.

The sound design is stunning but the photography is equally excellent with close-ups, macro shots and shallow depth of field that serves to isolate Gilderoy even more even more than the language barrier.

Great to see some of the old recording studio techniques; the long tape loop delay for example.

Is it possible to create a horror film with not only no blood but no on-screen violence - you're damn right it is.


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