Friday, 31 October 2014

Gucci Première (2012)

Beautiful, but it's still just a perfume ad and I really, really hate perfume.

Long story, but my nose was broken a couple of times when I was young and I ended up getting nosebleeds everyday. So I had it cauterised, and if anyone has had this done they know how wonderful it is to have, what seems like, a golfball sized blood bogey jammed up your nose for a couple of weeks and be unable to pick it. Even better, I still had the nosebleeds. Had it cauterised again but this time the nurse forgot the anaesthetic, which was fun. The nosebleeds finally stopped - yay! What was not "yay" however was that my nose was now super sensitive and dust, pollen and PERFUME would send me into fits of sniffles and sneezing. Plus to help matters my mother worked on a perfume counter and if I had to visit her the rest of the staff would spray me in the damn stuff as a joke. So we have a teenage boy smelling of White Linen in fits of sneezing in the middle of a busy department store. Very fucking funny.

So, one star for Refn because I hate Perfume so very fucking much.

Oh, and why do American's pronounce Première so weird?

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