Sunday, 7 December 2014

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)

If the original Planet of the Apes was an allegory of racism then Dawn is about imperialism and the subjugation of people over resources (a little like Avatar but not so heavy-handed or blue).

If there is one general theme of the film it is that of fear, and fear along with greed, ignorance, treachery and misunderstanding have been the primary sources of war and conflict throughout history. With shades of Vietnam and the Fall and Rise (and no I didn't get that the wrong way around) of the Roman Empire, Dawn echoes human conflict through the ages.

Final thoughts:

Andy Serkis received a huge amount of attention for his portrayal of Caesar but kudos go to Toby Kebbell who played Koba, and was absolutely brilliant.

During the start of the final battle it's interesting how once the apes, once armed and led by Koba, fight as humans in a frontal assault and forget their love of the high ground.

Great to see the apes on horses!

Was that a bit of the Ali/Foreman rope-a-dope between Koba and Caesar at the end?

A terrific sequel to an outstanding remake of a classic film. You don't see that often!

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