Sunday, 14 December 2014

Lord of Illusions (1995)

I've always liked the idea of a private eye that investigates the paranormal. That mix between the rational and the mystical. Cinema tried it with Constantine (based on the Hellblazer comic books), TV tried it with the Dresden Files (based on the novels by Jim Butcher). Lord of Illusions is Clive Barkers attempt at bringing one of his minor characters, Harry D'Amour, to the screen.

Lord of Illusions has some quite chilling moments, and is a nice mix of hard-boiled detective and typically Barker like horror, with some effective and quite bloody effects. Unfortunately he story drags a little in places and the primitive CGI is really showing its age.

I've yet to see the perfect adaptation of this type of idea but Lord of Illusions is pretty good attempt.

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