Friday, 30 January 2015

Turkey Shoot (1982)

The world goes to hell in a hand basket, and then...

Malcontents in a futuristic (in the cheapest possible way) totalitarian society are sent to a detainment camp for re-education where they're beaten, whipped, humiliated and, ultimately, hunted for sport a la The Most Dangerous Game. To be honest, the hunters are so incompetent we're just waiting for them to be killed by the equally incompetent prey. While all this is going on we can play a game of spot the B grade actors: we've got Noel "Mouth Full o' Plums" Ferrier. Roger "Mad Max" Ward, Olivia "Mmmm" Hussey, Steve "Crusher" Rackman, Steve "Fucking" Railsback and loads more. A veritable who's who of Mad Max, Harlequin and Crocodile Dundee!

The acting is passable, the dialogue is okay, the effects are fine, and there lies the problem. It's not good enough to be good and not bad enough to be good. It's just sort of in the middle and that's somewhere a B movie should never be. It does have it's moments though, usually involving Alph the wolfman who has a taste for toes.

Decent Ozploitation but not cheesy or bad enough to be a great one.

David Hemmings (Blowup, Barbarella, Deep Red) was executive producer! Why?

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