Thursday, 24 July 2014

Carrie (2013)

The remake of de Palma's Carrie (1976) is pretty much the same as the original but now with added "Social Media" and, to be honest, is a pretty soulless affair.

They really missed an opportunity to make a film about the pressures that young girls are still under; to have the perfect figure, to wear the pretty dresses and make-up, to submit to the male in a relationship, to follow the pack. This could have been "the" film for the freaks, the misfits and everyone else that doesn't conform. Instead we get the same old story; you will go to the prom, the dashing young prince will rescue you and if you do anything else you will be called a freak and be shunned by your peers.

The addition of the video the "bucket of blood" scene was unnecessary and the reaction of the audience was hard to believe - do you really believe that an entire room full of teenagers would laugh at something like that? Stop tarring an entire generation with the same brush!

And to everyone who says that Chloe Grace Moretz is too pretty to be Carrie - what, pretty girls can't be abused? Plus what does that say about the beautiful and talented Sissy Spacek.

And finally; thank god they didn't try and recreate de Palma's wonderful split-screen prom finale.

As Generation Y would say... meh.

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