Saturday, 12 July 2014

Maniac (1980)

A brilliant film that is way above the usual slasher movies of the period.

This review is for the Blue Underground Blu-Ray, uncut version.

Spinell's performance is exceptional as Frank Zito, a man who kills women and scalps them. But why? Slowly we are introduced to Frank and, via implication and non-intrusive voice-over flashbacks learn of his background and motives. Is he evil? A born psychopath? Can we feel sympathy for a killer?

The effects are possibly Savini's greatest work. There is no no humour just quick, nasty and ever so bloody death scenes. Spinell's whimpering and growling remind you of a dog that has been kicked and beaten it's whole life. The blu-ray quality was a little off. The out of focus camera and grimy film-stock I can cope with but it seemed over soft in places.

Far too good to be labelled a mere exploitation or slasher flick.

“I’m just going to keep you so you can’t go away ever again”

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