Sunday, 11 January 2015

Savage Sisters (1974)

A-Team crossed with Charlies Angels, and Wanda the Wicked Warden with a pop funk soundtrack straight out of Quincy. You know the score.

Starts like it's based on the Cuban revolution what with the revolutionary leader being named Ernesto (Work it out you t-shirt wearing hipsters!) and the government forces using M16s and receiving money from the US, which is way too serious - what the fuck's going on? Then we're into familiar exploitation territory when our heroines are locked up in a prison camp with female guards. Whew! What follows includes some light and hilarious S&M, a John Wayne Bobbitt moment, TV style Karate, sexploitation, casual racism, great dialogue and some really funny scenes.

There are several "what the fuck!" moments that had me in stitches and I loved Vic Diaz as One-Eye and, of course, Sid Haig hamming it up as Malavasi.

Thanks for the recommendation James.

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