Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Cemetery (2013)

The plot is simple. A group of "Ghost Hunters" head into the woods to commune with the lost spirits of priests who tortured Native Americans thinking them possessed. Bloody shenanigans ensue.
  • Boobies - check
  • Humour - check
  • Bong - check
  • Gratuitous sex scenes - check
  • Dislikeable characters that need to die ASAP - check
  • Dark scary woods - check
  • Annoying Wiccan - check
  • Insane priests - check
  • Ghost stories around a camp fire - check
  • Blood from an innocent accident awaking the spirits of the dead - check
  • Ripping bones out of someone's leg to use as dining utensils - check
The Cemetery was a little slow to get started but was nicely shot and edited, with more than adequate performances and some really tasty practical effects.

"Why don't you go fuck a Storm Trooper!"

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