Friday, 20 March 2015

Anton Corbijn Inside Out (2012)

March Around The World 2015 Challenge - Netherlands

I've seen Control, which I love, The American, which i almost loved and have grown up seeing his stunning music videos (sometimes a lot better than the actual music) and his photographs of bands and musicians on the front page of the NME. It'll be nice to find out a little more about the Dutch photographer turned film-maker.

The one thing I can see in Corbijn's photographs is how the famous figures are isolated. Even singers reaching down and touching fingers with the audience are still separated by the barrier of the stage and by fences. This feel for isolation is carried through into his films about Ian Curtis, the singer of Joy Division, and Jack the friendless assassin, hiding out in a lonely Italian village. So is Corbijn isolated? Lonely? Well, he's certainly quiet, a man apart even. As for lonely; through necessity he seems to have learned to be content in with own company.

A seemingly workman like documentary with some beautifully subtle touches that enhances Corbijn's isolation perfectly. It does indeed tell us about Corbijn's background, his methodology, motivation and inspiration but it also has a very contemplative, almost sad undercurrent running through it. Excellent, and I'd like to be his friend :)

Standout scene: towards the end there is a heartbreaking conversation between Anton and his mother.

WARNING: Bono appears! I even hate looking at his smug, chewing a wasp face. Please don't talk, please! Bollocks, he spoke. Five minutes of suffering later he finally shuts up and fucks off and we can get back to Corbijn. Can we ban this self-important twat from being a talking head? Please? While we're talking about his holiness, I'd like to straighten something out. In another review or list I'd made a comment that I like Bonios; I was referring to the dog biscuits and not the son of god! I like Bonios and I have my very own Bonio dog :)

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