Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Promedio rojo (2004)

March Around The World 2015 Challenge - Chile

What could be better than watching a film whilst Zoe watches Eastenders and Holby.

Okay, here we go with my Chilean selection... oh shit, I think this is supposed to be funny. I don't get along with funny films. I hate funny films.

Ten minutes in and I still haven't laughed. Prommedio rojo seems really well made and modelled after Scott Pilgrim with it's superhero daydreams crossed with crassness of The Inbetweeners but... Ten minutes in and we have a misogynistic comedy filled to overflowing with stereotypes, "fag" jokes, cruelty, and with all the finesse of the Three Stooges on poppers, let loose in a Peppermint Rhino bar. 25 minutes in (the scene with the sexy school nurse) and I've pretty much finished my review and want to die.

The following sums up the film perfectly. Two boys daydream about asking a couple of girls for a dance, the girls say "no" and then start kissing each other. Aren't we past "they don't fancy us, they must be lesbians" mentality? Don't get me started on how abortion is treated, considering that this film seems to aimed at teenagers.

I know I'm not the best to judge a comedy but this film makes Porky's look like a sensitive portrayal of young romance but without the funny bits.

Fucking awful. I should have watched Holby.

Original letterboxd review

Addition to original review: I forgot to mention our hero's subconsciousness advising him to rape a sleeping girl.

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