Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies (2014)

Eccentric man charged with young woman's death. A damning indictment of the police, the media and, more to the point, us. It was nice to see the Sun, Mail and Express (he "Loved culture, poetry") featured prominently and, considering what's happening today, it's worthwhile remembering that not everything the newspapers, both tabloid and broadsheet, print is true and that they do have their own agendas and vested interests. Read the sources, make up your own mind and vote with your heart led by your head. Just don't take the fuckers at face value! This may be a little late, but you never know.

I really didn't mean to write a review but today's pretty important.

I know it's a little old, but John Cooper Clarke's poem "You Never See a Nipple in the Daily Express" still rings true. Take it away Johnny Clarke!

A fragile book that has been broken at the spine.

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