Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Stigma (1977)

A modern tale of the desecration of an ancient stone site and the horrors that are be uncovered.

Filmed in the surrounds of the Avebury stone circle where the similarly spooky Children of the Stones was shot. The film juxtaposes the modern/artificial and the old/natural using close up shots of mundane household items combined with the camera continually looking out onto the standing stones. This combined with some great sound design create a real sense of dread.

Nowadays people would pay a fortune to have a stone like that in their back garden, but the seventies were a time of hardboard facings on beautiful panelled doors and boarded up Victorian fireplaces. Out with the old and in with the new, which, I guess, is very much the theme of this story.

While it may not be M.R. James (you would never get boobies in a James story!) it's still an excellent tale of terror and a more than worthy addition to the Christmas Ghost Stories strand.

Bloody good!

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