Thursday, 11 June 2015

Residue (2015)

Part of an unnamed city is cordoned off and quarantined after the bombing of a nightclub on New Years Eve. Residue tells the story of a photographer, her boyfriend and a police detective's hunt for the real story behind the blast. Their investigation uncovers corruption, murder and the horrors of bio-warfare.

Although filmed in Leeds, Residue could be set anywhere. The lighting and set design owe a great deal to Blade Runner and the Cyberpunk books of the 1980's. This gives the city a near future Euro-Japanese feel, full of cold neon, noodle bars and Kanji road markings.

The photography is stunning and leaves most other TV series in the shade, and the simple plot hangs together well and leaves you wanting to know more. If there is one thing that lets Residue down it is the uneven performances.

An enjoyable mini-series and hopefully the start of something longer.

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