Sunday, 14 June 2015

Invasion USA (1985)

A Canon action film staring the Beard of Death and directed by Joseph Zito, the man who brought us The Prowler.

Soviet led guerrillas invade Florida and it's up to the one man army of Chuck Norris to stop that shit!

Chuck Norris is Matt Hunter.
Chuck Norris wrestles a 'gator.
Chuck Norris is sick of frogs.
Chuck Norris has a pet armadillo.
Chuck Norris is one man, alone.
Chuck Norris can give you nightmares.
Chuck Norris gets blown up.
Chuck Norris works alone.
Chuck Norris wears black driving gloves.
Chuck Norris doesn't have patience.
Chuck Norris will send you a postcard from hell.
Chuck Norris will stab you in the hand.
Chuck Norris will hit you with so many rights, you'll beg for a left.
Chuck Norris will fuck you up if you irritate him.
Chuck Norris is crazy.
Chuck Norris saves Christmas.
Chuck Norris causes vehicular devastation.
Chuck Norris turns day into night.
Chuck Norris saves Jesus.
Chuck Norris saves children.
Chuck Norris likes Earth vs. the Flying Saucers.
Chuck Norris can summon a multitude of tanks.
Chuck Norris will round you all up like sheep and then kick your arses.
Chuck Norris will shoot you through a solid concrete wall.
Chuck Norris will throw you around like a little doll.
Chuck Norris will tell when it's time to die.

The baddies shoot a lot of furniture.
The baddies die.

Chuck Norris wins!

A well paced and efficient action movie with some stunning set-pieces. A plot that would normally be ridiculous is made believable by the use of guerrilla and terror tactics. I loved the little nod to Dirty Harry - the bus full of kids singing "Row your boat". The edit from Earth vs. the Flying Saucers to military trucks driving around a corner was so good. A far, far better film than Red Dawn.

A Canon classic and one of the finest action films ever made.

We need more armadillos in films.

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