Sunday, 4 December 2016

Satan’s Blood (1978)

Sex (a lot), cannibalism (not much) and black-candled, goat-worshipping flimflam (much more than normal) - just the way I like my Satanistic horror films. A few points:
  • Why is the non-black dog called Blackie?
  • How can they be following a car and then the same car approach them from behind?
  • The ouija shit went on far too long.
  • Stars an actress who looks very much like Jenny Agutter but gets her kit off even more.
  • Was that magick lard they were smearing on each other?
  • Who the hell was the bloke in the wooly hat?
  • Why do they want to eat all the time?
  • After the male satanist gets shot in the head, Jenny Agutter helpfully advises that "he needs a doctor"!
  • Just how many times will they try and leave the house of the devil?
  • What was with that doll?
A strange mix of bonkers and earnestness.

Note that the pretty crappy subtitles on the Screenbound blu-ray are often a little hard to read - small, white on white text is not good.

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