Friday, 14 October 2016

Satan’s Little Helper (2004)

A budding, Satan-obsessed psychopath gets some work experience as the apprentice for a panty-sniffing, wine connoisseur of a serial killer who uses the cover of Halloween to hide his nefarious doings.

There are so many highlights:
  • Amanda Plummer and her weird, brittle voice. She pulls off the not inconsiderable task of being kooky without being irritating.
  • Satan using a cat as a marker pen.
  • Katheryn Winnick playing the hero in a skimpy "renaissance" dress.
  • The silent Satan's hand-signs.
  • Katheryn Winnick's terrible but adorable fake English accent.
  • Satan's shoplifting spree.
  • The disemboweling of Daddy.
  • A sellotaped Carmen Miranda.
  • Jesus!
All this plus a subtle subtext of theological versus mundane evil and Hume's logical argument for the non-existence of god:

"Is he [God] willing to prevent evil, but not able? then he is impotent. Is he able, but not willing? then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Whence then is evil?" -- David Hume (quoting Epicurus), Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion, Part X, 63

Horror-Comedy is a notoriously tough genre to pull off but Satan's Little Helper does it beautifully. I can see this becoming a staple of Halloween viewing in years to come. Goofy, blood-splattered fun for all the family!

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