Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears (2013)

The mad Belgian giallo art fuckers Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani have done it again! If you like Amer you'll love this. More giallo, more art house, and thiis time there's more narative! A beautiful trip into obsession, sex, pain and death. Full of clever edits, split screens, still images, colours and madness. All giallo tropes are here: black gloves, knives, eyeballs, art deco, but this time joined by hats! different coloured gloves! razors! Far too many exclamations but please really do watch this. Pretentious - maybe. A great film outside the usual crap with loads of interesting ideas that fucks with giallo but keeps its early 70s roots intact - definitely!

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