Thursday, 5 February 2015

Samurai Cop (1991)

A cheap as fuck buddy cop movie staring Matt Hannon as Joe Marshall. Joe is a maverick. Joe gets the girls. Joe has long hair and orange skin. Joe explains everything as it's happening. Joe is a chicken thief. Joe is Samurai Cop!

Samurai Cop has some of the craziest editing, framing, dialogue and acting I've ever seen in a film. It has a terrible fight choreography. It has obligatory, panties on, sex scenes. It has the same dialogue used over and over and over again. It has chins chopped off in pretty much every close-up. It has so many WTF moments I lost count. It has everything I want from a bad film.

Film-making incompetence on a grand scale and recommended to everyone who loves complete shit.

"Shoot! Shoot him!"

Original letterboxd review

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